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Born in 1957 in Maastricht, The Netherlands. She studied at the Academy of Arts in Maastricht from 1976 to 1981. She lives and works near Geneva.

In Christianne Knops’s painting process, the first idea for a painting is summoned by a color, a line a form. She works intuitively, without thinking about it and without a pre-mediated plan.
This process makes every painting a very personal expression, inseparably connected with the artist herself. It makes that every artwork is unique.

The setup of a painting works like a kind of skeleton. Bit by bit, with every layer “flesh” is added to the structure. The paint matter and the apparent chaos are brought to life, given a soul. The painting seems to breath like a living organism. The reality is in no way expressed in a photo realistic way.

The coming into existence reminds one of a creation process, working out of chaos to the moment that harmony is reached. In her figurative paintings mostly the human figure is the main theme, abstracted and without recognizable features.

Christianne paints people in relation to each other, with the suggestion of a discussion, an embrace or mutual relationships, the ingredients of a story that can be different for every observer.
Christianne regularly exhibits in France, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Belgium.